why we started allbright
We believe that technology should simplify life as a seamless extension of human capability.
Every day, we come to work with the aim of proving the potential of humanity. We build impactful software that is simple and refreshing to use. Everything we make enables what seemed impossible and leaves the Earth a little cleaner than we found it.
Technology has many uses, but our aim is to use it mindfully, in a way that is healthy for society and the world around us.

What we do
Our Expertise
With decades of combined experience in cutting edge software development projects, recently in virtual reality, our competencies have a very broad potential for use.
Virtual Reality
In our previous work we came to appreciate how powerful VR can be and we would love to see more industries benefit from its capabilities. It is, however, a very new field, so we feel like our previous experimentation brings something very valuable to the table.
Collaborative Online Systems
We valuable experience building large-scale collabrative online systems. Development of this kind introduces a whole new level of complexity over single-user experiences, and we feel like this knowledge can add a whole new dimension to many projects.
Virtual Worlds
We spent the last several years developing a platform for creating virtual worlds. That experience gives us invaluable understanding of unique challenges specific to software development in the space, of which there are many.
Our Work
To begin, our goal is to place a special focus on industries that have been less impacted by technological advancement. We would like to use our expertise in virtual reality visualization to help these industries design better, more efficients ways of accomplishing their goals, while becoming more sustainable.
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